Clinic Agenda

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7:00 am Continental Breakfast
7:15–8:05 am Showcase Sessions (2) Concurrent
8:15–8:30 am J. Christian, President Welcome/ Housekeeping
8:30–9:30 am To Succeed at Succession You Must Avoid These Buy-Sell Mistakes
Terri Getman, JD, CLU, ChFC, AEP, RICP
Virtually every business having more than one owner needs some form of arrangement for the purchase of an owner’s interest in the business. An effective arrangement requires considerable thought by the business owners and guidance from quality advisors. Unfortunately, buy-sell arrangements are often put together with an incomplete analysis of the relevant facts and client needs, more often than not creating problems than solutions. This presentation will review some of the most common, but easily avoidable, buy-sell mistakes.
9:40–10:40 am Asset Protection Planning under the Tax Threshold
Anne Marie Levin, JD, LLM
With the new estate tax kicking in at over $5 million for individuals and over $10 million for couples, clients under the threshold might think they’re home free when it comes to their estate plans. But even below the revised threshold there are new tax-saving opportunities as well as opportunities to adjust gift strategies and trusts. This session looks at estates below the current tax threshold and reasons for revisiting plans already in place. Considerations include: changes to the estate planning landscape since ATRA; impact on traditional estate planning; income tax planning; state death tax planning; portability vs. credit shelter planning; SLATS, asset protection planning and DAPTs; and pre-marital planning.
10:40–11:40 am Planning for Individuals above the Federal Exemption
Martin Shenkman, JD, CPA, MBA, AEP, PFS
The rules surrounding exemptions and gifts have changed, and the impact could be far-reaching for your clients. Individuals with assets in excess of $5 million are now subject to the new federal estate tax. Ultra-high net worth clients face substantial estate taxes and the increased exemption may only make a small impact. Knowing your client’s potential estate liability is essential if you are to provide them with sound advice about how to avoid gift and estate taxes entirely and preserve their wealth for future generations. This session explores those tax-saving opportunities, focusing on such topics as GRATs; GST planning; split dollar life insurance; Spousal Lifetime Access Bypass Grantor Trusts; note sales to grantor trusts – prerequisites to planning; defined value clauses; NINGs, and DINGs.
11:40–1:20 pm Lunch in Exhibit Hall provided to all attendees.
1:20–2:10 pm Showcase Sessions (2) Concurrent
2:20–4:10 pm From Theoretical to Practical: Specific Techniques for Solving Estate Planning Issues
Moderator: Michael Dow, CLU, ChFC, PFS
Panelists: Terri Getman, JD, CLU, ChFC, AEP, RICP; Anne Marie Levin, JD, LLM;
Martin Shenkman, JD, CPA, MBA, AEP, PFS
This session will focus on the practical side of what was discussed in the morning’s three presentations. Panelists will use a case study with three partners in a company that has amassed a sum of money. One partner is over the federal estate tax threshold; the junior partner is just starting out but is below the federal exemption; and they need to discuss an exit strategy. Issues to be discussed include:
– Existing ILITs – what to do?
– Trusteed cross purchase
– Advantages of trust-friendly jurisdictions
– Use of self-settled trusts and BDITs to premarital planning
– Powers of appointment to achieve basis step-up
– Investment decisions and estate planning
4:20–5:25 pm Secrets from the Social Media Marketing Black Book
Ted Jenkin, CFP, CRPC, CRPS
Everyone is telling you that you need to use social media in your business. 15 years ago, they told you that you needed networking. Most financial advisors don’t understand the difference between social media and financial media. Ted Jenkin, Founder of Hello My Name Is, LLC and co-CEO of oXYGen Financial will share tactical and applicable tips, tricks, and techniques to use social media to generate new assets under management. This session will show you how to turn “social” into “profitable.”
5:45–7:15 pm Networking Reception/Light Dinner in the Exhibit Hall
7:15–8:15 pm Hospitality Suite –coffee and cordials


7:00 am Continental Breakfast
7:15–8:15 am 7 Simple Steps to a Secure Retirement, Part I
Tom Hegna, CLU, ChFC, CASL
Retirement is NOT about assets. It is all about INCOME! In this main platform session, Tom will share the math and science behind a successful retirement, laying out seven simple steps your clients can take to secure a comfortable retirement. Take special note of the words and language Tom uses to discuss annuities, long term care and protecting against inflation. Social Security is the largest annuity that most clients have. Tom will show you how to maximize those benefits.
8:25–9:15 am Showcase Sessions (2) Concurrent
9:25–10:25 am The Current State of ACA and Medicare
Arthur Tacchino, JD
Understanding changes to the Affordable Care Act and their effects on Medicare can be a daunting task. Yet advisors need to be aware of new developments to advise their clients about the choices available to them. This session will update advisors on the current state of ACA reform implementation so that you can explain the basics to your clients about how the law enhances their Medicare benefits. It will focus on employer tracking and reporting requirements that have recently taken effect and spotlight how advisors can support their clients as they take steps to comply. It will highlight future regulations and the steps that advisors need to take to assure client preparedness and sound strategy for compliance.
10:25–11:25 am Changing the Investment Paradigm: From Asset Growth to Income Generation
Derek Lemke, CFP
Today’s retiree faces more challenges than previous generations ever did. This presentation will discuss income planning for those embarking on their retirement journey. It will focus on how the current interest rate environment has forced a change to “traditional” retirement planning. It will review different asset classes and how to structure a retirement portfolio that may need to last longer than the retiree’s accumulation phase. Advisors will also learn how annuities and life insurance cash values can be positioned to enhance a retiree’s income options.
11:25–1:00 pm Lunch in Exhibit Hall provded to all attendees
1:00–3:00 pm 7 Simple Steps to a Secure Retirement, Part II
Tom Hegna, CLU, ChFC, CASL
In this breakout session, Tom will dig deeper into each of the 7 steps to a successful retirement. He will especially focus on the importance of guaranteed lifetime income and will look at specific case studies to maximize Social Security benefits. He will also share when to use a SPIA vs. DIA vs. VA with Income Benefits or Index Annuity with Income Benefits. He will add some specific tips for women, late starters and nontraditional couples. Throw in his unique economic views and his techniques for handling client objections and you have another session that you just cannot miss!


3:00 pm Program Concludes