Scholarship donations will be made to the universities of the winning teams in
the amounts of:

1st Place .........$5,000
2nd Place........$3,000
3rd Place.........$2,000

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The Foundation for Financial Service Professionals (FSP) will host the fourth annual national Industry Issues Competition giving teams of students from colleges and universities the opportunity to examine a critical issue of high relevance to the financial services profession.
The title of this year's issue is:

Career Evolution ... How Did You Begin, Where Are You Now and Where Do You Expect to Wind Up?

Papers written and submitted in response to the title should cover the following:

  1. Three professional career paths (from the list provided below) must be researched and analyzed. The career paths should be diverse enough that unique research is required for each path.
  2. Researchers should understand what practitioners do now v. what they did in the past or expect to do in the future. They should be able to project the viability of any specific career with an eye to developing the skills necessary to change course.
  3. The value of developing and maintaining peer relationships should be examined. This may include but not be limited to formal/informal study groups, involvement with a professional association, like the Society of FSP, and mutual support for other advisors in diverse specialties. The value provided to career paths by at least three professional associations should be researched in terms of the type of members that belong and the benefits provided to practitioners

To be eligible to compete, students must attend an FSP University Partners Program (UPP) school and submit a written solution in the manner described below to the issue by November 9, 2014. Teams entering the competition may be comprised of up to three undergraduate and/or graduate students per team.

A panel of judges will select three finalist teams with the top written solutions covered in submitted papers. The three finalist teams will then compete for scholarship funds in an oral competition in January, 2015 at the Society of Financial Service Professionals (FSP) prestigious Arizona Institute in Phoenix, AZ. (Wigwam Resort, Litchfield Park). A judging panel selected from among experienced practitioners and members of the Society will judge the final three teams and announce the winners at a reception following the presentations.

Scholarship awards will be made to the universities of the winning teams in
the amounts of:

1st Place .........$5,000
2nd Place........$3,000
3rd Place.........$2,000


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Contact: Joe Frack, CEO, at 610-526-2551, jfrack@financialpro.org


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