Develop the next generation of financial service professionals with the University Partners Program from the Society of FSP.

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Eastern Region

Terry Owens
Tel: (910) 692-0957

Western Region

Dick Bell
Tel:(818) 591-1400

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UPPSince our founding in 1928, the Society of FSP, a multidisciplinary network of credentialed financial professionals, has been an association leader in providing it's members with the latest, most up to date professional resources and education that allows them to provide their clients with the most competent advice possible in helping them accomplish their financial goals.

The FSP created the University Partners Program (UPP) in 2007 to help build a bridge between the current generation of financial service professionals and the future generation of professionals who are in undergraduate and graduate degree programs in colleges and universities around the country.

Through Professor Memberships and Student Memberships, students and their faculty advisors are given access to all the FSP published materials that are archived on the FSP website. In addition, the students and their professors are also members of one of our 150 local chapters around the country and have access to some of the best financial service professionals in the country thorough their local chapter membership.

To learn more about the opportunities available through UPP, click any of the informational areas below:

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  2. Faculty resources
  3. Student information regarding UPP
  4. University Information
  5. Chapter Information
  6. 2015 - Industry Issue Team Competition complete information
  7. Industry Issue Team Competition


The University Partners Program is an exclusive service of the Society of FSP. To find out how your University, company, professor or student can become involved in UPP, contact Customer Service at (800) 392-6900.