• FEP Volunteer: John J. Meyer, CLU,ChFC,AEP
    From: Brenda L. Brown, Program Coordinator National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Louisiana

    I want to express my gratitude to the Foundation for Financial Service Professionals for connecting with the National MS Society to offer pro-bono services to our clients. I am especially grateful for our connection in Louisiana with John Meyer. When contacted, John immediately set up a meeting with Crystal Smith and myself to see how he could be of service to our clients in Louisiana. John put together an excellent presentation on Financial Planning and Management which along with financial planning for the future for those with MS included budgeting, identity theft, credit card debt and other useful topics. We used the “Adapting: Financial Planning for a Life with MS” manual as a handout along with John’s power point presentation. John brought this program to several cities around the state. John and his program were a hit wherever we went. His warm and caring manner along with his stories and anecdotes were warmly received. We entitled the program “Get the Scoop on Financial Planning and Management” and we served “scoops” of ice cream to those attending. The participants were then encouraged to make their own sundaes with various toppings we supplied. (John enjoyed the ice cream too.)

    After that program ended in Sept 09, John suggested that we have a program including a panel of several professionals relevant to those with MS. The clients could come and ask questions of the various panelists. We plan to offer this program around the state this year. Our first “Ask the Professionals” program will be February 25 in the New Orleans area with John as one of our panelists. We also have an employment specialist, neurologist, neuropsychologist, and a legal specialist on the panel. We are looking forward to a great program.

    John has also counseled several of our clients on a one-to-one basis who are having a hard time with budgeting their money or other financial issues and continues to offer his services willingly to those in need.

    This program has been such a blessing to our organization and our clients that I can’t say enough about the benefits of it. According to John he feels that he has benefited the most from our alliance, but our clients have certainly been happy with his help and we look forward to continuing our alliance to improve our client’s quality of life.

    Thank you so much for helping to put this project together. It has been a very beneficial collaboration for us and those we serve.

  • FEP Volunteer: Diane Hack Gould, CLU,ChFC,MSFS
    Client testimonial: My fiance and I met with Diane Hack Gould yesterday--the financial planner who volunteered to help me out back in November. Her services have gone above and beyond what Scott and I had ever imagined. I am looking forward to our follow-up meetings with Diane, and I cannot begin to express the feeling of security she's given Scott and I about future planning. We CAN plan for the worst and hope for the best, and Diane is really going to help us do just that! I really have to thank you for getting me in touch with her. You and the Society do so much for people, and I just want you to know how thankful I am for these resources.
  • FEP Volunteer: Doug Head, CLU,ChFC
    From Allison Stevens, MSW, Director of Service Management for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in Seattle: "I would like to speak to all that he (Doug) has offered the MS Chapter..one-on-one service to people in need, personal meetings (with MS staff members), production of educational audio-conferences, engaging new FEP volunteers, inviting us to the Society Chapter meeting and just being an honorable and encouraging person."