“Enriching People’s Lives—One Meaningful Connection at a Time”

A Lecture Series featuring Robert S. Littell, CLU, ChFC, FLMIŽ, SRM
Principal, Littell Consulting Services

Become a better connector of people, a resource provider for others, and expand your trusted resource network

What seems obvious to us often isn’t to others. So too the connections we make must be other-centered and not always be about us. That’s the secret of building and maintaining relationships, both professional and personal. Find out from an expert how you can improve the way you do business by simply being open-minded and sharing information with others.

Brought to you by the Foundation for Financial Service Professionals , these Webcasts feature Bob Littell speaking about the concept of “netweaving” and how you can improve the depth and breadth of your personal and professional relationships.

The following Webcasts are now available:

1. Introduction to Netweaving

  • What are the best predictors of long-term success?
  • Relationship building
  • Networking vs. netweaving
  • Developing trust
  • Three important skill sets

2. How-to’s of Netweaving

  • Sales vs. marketing
  • How are relationships formed?
  • How do communications happen?
  • Virtual referrals vs. hosting
  • Netweaving five-step program
  • Strategic and nonstrategic connections

3. The Heart of Netweaving

  • Immediate benefits—image & energy
  • Importance of “meaningful dialog”
  • Establishing a good habit
  • Do you recognize people who are great?
  • Raising your passion level
  • Follow-up and follow-through