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June Issue

  • What you will learn from the June 19th program
  • What you learned from the last program on May 15th
  • Component #10 of 10 for "Making Good Judgments"
  • Our wonderful 'Gold Sponsors' for 2012-2013:
    • Past Chapter President, Debbie Stillahn & Ash Brokerage,
    • Barbara Schneiderman & Quest Health Action
    • Rod Clift & S.O.I.
  • President's Letter sponsor: Scott Greiner, et al. from Moye White


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PROGRAMS [from 2011 - 2012]

May 15th: Barbara Martin-Worley, MA

Download Barbara Martin-Worley’s handout: "Outfoxing the Predators: Preventing Elder Exploitation"

  • Recognize the different types of financial fraudulences against the elderly.
  • Who should report and how to report based on "Colorado’s Reporting Statues" for elderly financial abuse.
  • Learn the impact that financial elder fraud has on its victims [the elderly, family members, and others]
  • Learn how these cases are investigated and prosecuted.

April 17th: Panel Discussion on Case Studies [prepared by Board member, Steve Owens, JD]

Download Case Studies handout

Download Summary of Panel Discussion from Cases #1, #2, and #3

Panel presenters [in alaphabetical order (last name)]: Doug Dixon, CPA; Lyle domenitz, LUTCH, RFP; Bob Green, JD, ChFC; Scott Greiner, LLM [Tax]; Ryan Hume, CLU, ChFC, CASL; and Melissa Sugar, JD, LLM

  • Problem solving concepts and contents from the disciplines of legal, tax, risk management [insurance], and investments.
  • Applying practical knowledge based on practical applicaitons from the view-oints of the panel presenters and from the audience's participation. 


March 20th: Bill Kirschner, MS (in Accounting), CPA

Download Bill Kirschner's handout: "Evaluating Continuing Care Retirement Communities [CCRCs]"

  • Common terminologies that advisors MUST understand in order to appropriately compate the different communities.
  • The 4-major critical aspects that all astute advisors need to know about the residency agreements
  • Assessing CCRCs using 3-major categories of data: Business Models, Oversight, and Financial Stability

February 21st: April Caudill, JD, CLU, ChFC, AEP

Download April Caudill's handout "Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits"

  • The unique characteristics that make your clients' IRAs and qualified plan assets different from other assets
  • Special planning techniques for your clients to optimize their individual and trust beneficiary designations
  • Strategies for your clients who want to use retirement assets to meet their charitable goals

January 17th: Daniel "Dan" B. Seff, CPA, and Dan Kielek

Download Dan Seff's and Dan Kielek's handouts: "2012 Income Tax Laws, Tips and Planning"

  • Recent legislation affecting 2012.
  • Tax tips and planning for individuals and businesses
  • Estate and gift taxes
  • State tax issues and planning

December 20th: Timothy "Tim" J. Belber, JD

Download Tim Belber's handouts: "Charitable and Legacy Planning"

  • The issues and opportunities of the family philanthropic landscape in 2011 and 2012.
  • The important role that you, as the family's advisor, play in using philanthropy as part of the family's legacy plan.
  • Specific tools that are simple and effective for having a conversation around the power of philanthropy.
  • The role that life insurance plays as a financial instrument uniquely suited for a long-term legacy of philanthropy.

November 15th: Ilana [spelled ilana] Gorback & David Richards, Wealth Strategies Group, LLC

Download ilana's and David's handouts: "Planning for Disability"

  • Your advantage points knowing: The crucial structures about disability income [DI] policies and the optional benefit riders for your individual and business owner clients
  • The most common misconceptions about underwriting to avoid thay may likely affect your DI discussions with your clients and their planning decisions
  • Key factors to focus on and the language to use for [prospective] client recommendations