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Frank L. Shoring Scholarship



The Frank L. Shoring Scholarship Fund was established in honor of the Chapter's first Executive Director, Frank L. Shoring, CLU. The Scholarship is awarded to a Chapter member who has performed exemplary service to the Chapter, industry and or to the community.
The funds are used to subsidize a recipient's attendance at an American Society of CLU & ChFC or American College sponsored symposium or institute as well as the New England forum.
Recipients of the Frank L. Shoring Scholarship Fund are:
1986 - Frederic E. Dill, CLU
1987 - Robert E. Dalton, CLU, ChFC
1988 - Jon W. Webber, CLU, ChFC
1989 - John M. Farr, CLU, ChFC
1990 - In memory of Arthur H. Christ, CLU
          - Louis W. Romanos, CLU
1991 - William J. Brown, CLU, ChFC
1992 - Donald J. Harrison, CLU ChFC
1993 - H. David Megaw, CLU, ChFC
1994 - Jerry J. Coursey, Jr., CLU
1995 - Edson L. Sperry, CLU, ChFC
1996 - Robert S. Hensley, CLU
1997 - Robert J. Tarlov, CLU, ChFC
1998 - William C. Cekovsky, CLU, ChFC
1999 - Roni Roslyn Berson, CLU, ChFC
2000 - William J. Zuleski, CLU
2001 - Elaine Y. Widmer, CLU, ChFC

2002 - Thomas J. Wolff, CLU, ChFC
2003 - Gary P. Ruchin, CLU, ChFC, CFP®

2004 - Peter G. Carey, CLU
2005 - Donald C. Dickey, CLU
2006 - Pamela M. Cronin, CLU, ChFC

2007 - No Award
2008 - William J. Murray, CLU, ChFC

2009 - George A. Breckenridge, CLU, ChFC

2010 - Dennis A. Catanzano, CLU, ChFC, CPA
2011 - Valerie E. Thomas, CLU, ChFC, MSFS
2012 - Bruce A. Guillemette, MSM,CLU,ChFC,FLMI