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November 2010.    Health and Wealth Considerations for the Business Owner (Download Workbook).

February 2011       Back to the Future: Estate Tax Avoidance Planning(Download Workbook).

May 2011               The Rising Tide in Standards of Care: How to Stay Afloat in Turbulent Seas.

                               (Download Workbook).

August 2011           Managing Assets Earmarked for Retirement. (Download Workbook).

Date    Video Teleconference Title

*DVD Only.  Available through Duane Toney: toney@imcportfolio.com

November 2008*     Mom and Pop Are Ready to Retire, But Is Their Money Ready Too? Securing a

                                Comfortable Retirement for the Small Business Owner.  (Download Workbook).

February 2009*       Different Strokes for Different Folks: Between Plan Design and Personal Goals the

                                 Choices are Limitless (Download Workbook).

May 2009*               True Confessions of an Exit Strategy Advisor.  (Download Workbook).

November 2009*     Hot Ideas in a Cold Economy: How Others are Succeeding in Today’s World.

                                (Download Workbook).

February 2010*       Income, Income, Income…For Today’s Retirees: Where Will It Come From? How

                                Long Will It Last?  (Download Workbook).

May 2010*               What the Client Wants to Accomplish and How to Make It Happen.

                               (Download Workbook).


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