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What is an Internship?

An internship is an opportunity for you to integrate a highly motivated student into your company as a temporary employee. Paid or unpaid, full time or part time, the intern position is a valuable addition to the work team and the work environment. It is a productive position, not just an add-on that is not part of the team.

An internship is an opportunity for a student to get a glimpse of a desired career field and to apply their skills in a professional environment. It brings reality to their perspective of what the work and the field are like. The student is connected to the university through a faculty sponsor and earns a grade based on their performance in the workplace and their academic reports of learning.

Academically, an internship is an educational plan designed to integrate classroom study with a work experience. It links the students' academic program with their career goals and interests.

Student interns are proven assets to organizations.

Society of FSP University Partnership Program (UPP)

About the Program

The purpose of the University Partners Program is to create a pipeline between the financial service profession and the next generation of financial service professionals by reaching out through the key designation or degree programs offered at the college and university level. By bringing FSP benefits to these students during their formal learning process, we have the opportunity to:

  1. Broaden the reach of the FSP to the next generation of professionals
  2. Recognize top performing students
  3. Become mentors to students who desire to pursue careers in financial services
  4. Enrich the student’s learning experience by providing real world applications and opportunities for job shadowing and internships.


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Benefits to You


  • As an employer you are tapping into a source of the next generation of employers and business entrepreneurs.
  • Students who work as interns contribute to the success of business as they contribute to projects, assist with day-to-day workload and add fresh insight and knowledge to organization.
  • Student interns can provide additional help during peak business periods
  • Interns may serve as additional staff at minimal cost, without making a long-term commitment
  • An internship program can provide a low-risk opportunity to try out a possible new employee for a future job opening
  • Students contribute knowledge of research techniques, valuable computer skills, and current theoretical knowledge


Internship Program Regulations


  1. Work Study: State funded program for low- and middle- income students to obtain career related experience while attending college. If your organization would be interested in offering an internship but would like to explore funding assistance, visit the Washington State Work Study website
    Or download the State Work Study Program Manual 2011-2012
  2. The U.S. Department of Labor Regulations on Internship Programs:
    Factsheet 71
  3. Washington State Regulations on Internship Programs
    Washington State Factsheet


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University Specific

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Pacific Lutheran University

Maxine Herbert-Hill, Director of Academic Internships




Seattle Pacific University

Kristin Hunt, Employer Relations




Seattle University

Rachael Paul, Assistant Director




Saint Martin's University

Katia Shkurkin




University of Puget Sound

Leah Vance, Operations and Internship Coordinator




University of Washington

Lisa McKee-Uyema, Job Listings Coordinator