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Please help us recognize and congratulate Samantha Benner & Katie Hargadon, our 7th Annual Scholarship recipients from Pacific Lutheran University.  

Samantha Benner


·         Samantha is majoring in Accounting and has a 3.86 GPA, she has been on the Dean’s list for 6 semesters.

·         Samantha plays Varsity soccer and is a part of the student athlete mentoring program.

·         Samantha says “If you don’t open yourself up and put forth energy to really get to know someone you miss out on such great opportunities”

·         She plans to pursue a career in accounting after graduating.


Katie Hargadon


·         Katie is majoring in Business Finance and Communication with an emphasis on Public Relations and Advertising

·         She is part of the student investment fund where they started with a $50,000 donation and have increased their portfolio to over $150,000 (WOW!)

·         Katie plans to graduate in December 2013 and pursue a career in Investor Relations or Financial Public Relations…


·         Katie talks about ethical integrity in her essay and that she feels it should include sustainability and corporate social responsibili




 Looking ahead, we plan to continue a scholarship program.  We are accepting donations now for 2014's  57th  anniversary celebration. We have a separate account for this purpose, and wish to keep a reserve for the following year as a balance with any excess devoted to giving away more money.  We look forward to future donations which can be payable to the Society of FSP and mailed to PO Box 2335, Tacoma, WA 98401.

Thank You To Those Who Have Generously Contributed!
3/31/2014 Scholarship Contributions
Ralph Naddeo
Frank Laise
Gayle Holcom
2/21/2012 Scholarship Contributions
Matt Ryan 
Birger Nelson 
5/1/2012  Scholarship Contribution
Paul Hunter 
6/1/2012 Scholarship Contributions
Kim Fisher 
Gayle Holcom 
Randy Melquist 
Robert Pittman 
Janet Singler 
Alan Zalewski