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"FSP webinars have tremendous value for financial professionals. There is a wide array of interesting topics to choose from, and the ability to assemble a group of individuals lets you extend and amplify the value of the program. When supporting material is provided, such as articles, web sites, etc., attendees can continue the dialogue when the program ends."

Laurene B. Prevette, RHU, LUTCF
FSP Board of Directors, 2011-2012

Audio/Web Conference Tips

Get more value out of these programs — turn them into inexpensive networking events! Here's how in 6 easy steps:

  1. Register for the program.
  2. Invite colleagues, clients or prospects who might be interested in the topic.
  3. Make meeting room arrangements for the expected number of attendees.
  4. Download the speaker's PowerPoint from the Society's Web site and make the necessary copies. Note: Most, but not all, presentations will have a PowerPoint presentation.
  5. Bring in sandwiches (or breakfast items if you're on the West Coast) and various drinks or have everyone "brown bag" their meal.
  6. Connect to the audio portion over the telephone. Some webinar programs offer VOIP allowing you to connect to the audio using your computer's microphone and speakers.

These steps are basically all it takes to organize a networking event around one of the Society's audio conferences. All that's required is a speakerphone, a meeting room and the desire to assemble a group that's interested in learning something new.

Who Should You Invite?

Audio conference focus on a wide range of general interest and nontraditional subjects, including charitable tax planning techniques, structured settlements, and asset allocation and risk tolerance in equity investments.

Because program topics often will appeal to your colleagues, including lawyers and CPAs, they're ideal for expanding your professional network. Depending on the subject matter, even clients and prospects can be ideal candidates.

Chapters can also sponsor audio conferences, supporting the cost of the program entirely or charging a modest fee to participants.

What You Can Expect

Scheduled at least twice a month, audio conferences are generally one hour in length and sponsored by one of the Society's nine Professional Interest Sections. The format is typically 40 minutes of presentation, with the remaining time dedicated to live questions from participants.