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A "List Service" or an "Electronic mailing list" is a program that networks a group of people with like interests in the form of email. You can post questions, answer questions, have an open discussion on hot topics, ask for advice, ask for vendors, anything you want. When you send a message to the list, every member will get a copy of that message. This creates an unbelievable opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge!

Members of the Society of Financial Service Professionals may belong to one or more of nine professional interest sections, each which has its own List Serve discussion group. Sections members can take advantage of the experience and professional acumen of hundreds of their peers. Where else can you have direct access to experts in the profession providing you with free answers or advice on a particular case, all in a matter of a few minutes or a few hours? In addition to asking for advice and receiving answers to questions, there is also a feature that allows members to query the historical files on a particular topic and to go back and see what other discussions were held on that subject. Many have declared that the Sections List Serve discussion groups are the membership benefit that provides the greatest daily value.

Follow the links below to see actual excerpts from a sampling of Sections List Serve discussion group activity:

Estate Planning

Financial Planning

Retirement Counseling

Qualified Plans