Locate An Expert Sources

If you need to speak with an expert source in the financial service industry and deadline constraints leave you no time to find one yourself, please contact us. The Society of Financial Service Professionals has nearly 17,000 members who can add intelligent industry insight to your story.

Call or e-mail our PR department and tell us what your needs are. We'll identify one or more financial service professionals who are ideally suited to comment, explain or answers questions about the subject matter you are addressing. Society members are knowledgeable in areas such as estate, retirement and financial planning; life, health, disability and long-term care insurance; business and compensation planning; employee benefits and more. If you prefer sources that live or work in a specific geographic locale, we can accommodate you. We will also help to schedule your phone or in-person interview at a time that is most convenient for all parties.

To obtain names of expert sources in your location, or to find Society members in specific practice specialties, e-mail