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Green: the Color of FSP

Science tells us that millions of earths could be spinning out there in space. Maybe. But for now, this is the only earth we know. So far, it has done an excellent job of sustaining us. But just as our health depends on the earth's, the earth's health depends on us.

With the reality of globalization, being environmentally conscious is no longer a matter of choice…it's a responsibility. And it's one that is shared by corporations no less than by individuals.

The Society of FSP freely accepts this responsibility. That's why we have made a commitment to erase our environmental footprint as much as possible. Our first step along this journey is to reduce the unnecessary use of paper. In 2008, we held a paperless FSP Forum and have been striving to have events be as paperless as possible. We have broadened this effort to include our Professional Interest Section Newsletters.Since October 1, 2009, Section newsletters were electronically delivered to our members. Electronic delivery of your newsletter will save paper, ink, energy used to print and mail the newsletters…well, you get the picture.

And this is only the beginning. As we go forward, we will continue to look for other ways to help preserve our planet. How well we succeed depends in large part on you - our members. We are asking you to join us in this endeavor by sending us your e-mail address to if we don't already have it. Communicating with you using e-mail wherever possible instead of paper can go a long way in helping the Society go green.

We sincerely thank you for your cooperation. We're quite sure the earth thanks you as well.