Member Get A Member (MGAM) Contest

Member-Get-a-Member Contest

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What's In It for You? Big Savings!

Who's eligible to Compete? All current paid members.

Begins: July 1, 2014
Ends: June 30, 2015

Help the Society grow and see your 2015-16 national dues go down. Through the FSP Member-Get-A-Member Contest you can help the Society grow and expand your resources – PLUS save money on your membership dues for next year. See directions below.

Recruit just one new member by June 30 and you will be a winner! For each new member you recruit, you'll receive a discount off of your national dues for the 2015-16 membership year according to this schedule:

  • 1 new member – dues reduced by 20%
  • 2 new members – 40%
  • 3 new members – 60%
  • 4 new members – 80%
  • 5 or more new members – 2015-16 national dues are complimentary!

Make the Ask — Invite Someone to Join FSP Today!

Start with people you know. Your circle of colleagues and people you do business with. Is there someone in your office that should be a member? Do you do joint work with other insurance professionals, planners, attorneys or CPAs? Are there other financial service professionals in your office building? Visit them, discuss why you belong and invite them to join FSP.

Did you know? The number one reason given for not joining:
"No one asked me."

Thank you for helping FSP grow strong. We all benefit when more belong.

Note: Premier members participating in MGAM will receive discount based on the regular or associate dues amount portion of their Premier membership.

Note: Members will not receive MGAM credit for any person recruited in previous years.
Print out the MGAM Flyer for detailed information about the rules, prizes and who is eligible to be an FSP Member. Don't forget to put your name as the referring member so you get credit.

Important Note:
All new memberships must be received by headquarters no later than 4:30 Eastern Time on June 30, 2015. This date applies to all methods of submittal: Phone, Fax, Online, and Mail. Any membership applications received after that cut-off date and time will not count for the MGAM Contest. If it is being sent via mail after June 20, 2015, we recommend express mail delivery to headquarters for guaranteed arrival by June 30th, 2015.