Member Get A Member (MGAM) Contest—Recruiter's Toolbox

Use these sample communications and new member application in your recruitment efforts.

Communication to Individual Member to be a Winner and Help your Chapter Grow: Download this document.

Spread the word about FSP and the Member Get A Member Contest! This communication can be sent to current members to get them involved in the MGAM Contest.

New Member Application: Download a Membership Application. View the Chapter listing for local Chapter dues rates.

Invitation to Join Communication for New Members: Download this document. Spread the word about the benefits of Society membership. Do you have a business colleague who is eligible for membership such as an attorney, accountant, or insurance professional? Tell them about the Society and how being a member has benefited YOU! Personalize this communication and mail or email it to your business associates that are eligible for membership. It includes a link to the FSP Web site membership application for new members. If mailing, print out the new membership application and include with your letter.

Tell a Business Associate About FSP (email): Located on the FSP Home Page at, this email message can be personalized and also includes links to a downloadable new member application, the online membership application and online listing of member benefits.

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