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Premier Membership

How Can I Become A Premier Member?

Call Member Services at 800.392.6900. Join online.

What Is Premier Membership?

Premier Membership is new to the Society and is open to all FSP members regardless of membership class beginning mid-July, 2011. It is an innovative way of combining dues and registration fees for select products, services, and events for members who take frequent advantage of their benefits and want to enhance their membership experience adding convenience, savings and prestige.

Why Should I Consider Premier Membership?

Premier Membership is a way for you to avoid paying separate registration fees for select member offerings like the Arizona Institute, the Clinic, audio/web conferences and more! In addition to these, Premier Members also have access to other benefits created exclusively for them (see below)—also at no separate fees. Taking advantage of all Premier Member benefits saves approximately 50% off the cost of these benefits if purchased separately.

How does this benefit you?

If you plan on attending the 2015 Arizona Institute, the registration fee is included in your Premier Member dues — that means Premier Membership practically pays for itself with this one event! If you're thinking of registering for the May 2015 Clinic for Advanced Professionals, you're covered. The value of just these events has already exceeded your Premier Member dues. Obviously, the more benefits you use, the greater the value of your Premier Membership.

But the Institute and the Clinic are just the beginning! You can register for every FSP webinar throughout the year, enroll in online CE courses, subscribe to all nine Sections Newsletters — and more — simply by registering for the events or opting in to the products or services.

What Are Premier Membership Benefits?

Premier Membership includes and allows unlimited access to the following benefits:

How Does Premier Membership Work?

Premier Members make an annual dues payment of $2,000 or 12 low monthly payments of $166 through automated bank draft, which includes National and local Chapter dues. They then have unlimited access to any or all of the select benefits listed above for a full year. Premier Members simply indicate which educational meetings and event they'd like to attend and register for them through the normal process—except there are no fees to pay. The same applies for any select products or services that come under the Premier Membership umbrella.