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The Benefits of FSP Membership (2:25) by
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Anthony Domino

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Member Testimonials

Members talk about the benefits of FSP Membership

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National and Local Chapter Leaders On the Value of FSP

Larry D. Hause, JD Edina MN
Attending FSP events and being involved with the membership offers the unique benefit of networking with a myriad of financial service professionals.
Richard M. Weber, MBA,CLU, AEP Pleasant Hill, CA
Online research, networking, and local education events are very important, along with collaboration — the relationships developed through FSP and the communities are what it's all about for me. Listen to audio
Dale A. Vetter, CLU,ChFC,MSFS,AEP Willingboro, NJ
Maintaining my professional knowledge at the cutting edge to benefit my clients is of utmost importance. The networking both at the local Chapter and nationally through online discussion groups is also very valuable…help is only a phone call (or email away!). Listen to audio
Thomas L. Petsche, CLU,ChFC,RHU Cedar Rapids, IA
The value of FSP is the relationships that you build locally and nationally with the best and the brightest in the financial service profession. Listen to audio
Elvin D. Turner, JD Bloomfield, CT
There's value in the broad interdisciplinary make up of FSP, which is great for networking and collaboration. Their personal and professional values are similar to my own, which is important. FSP education is presented with a broad perspective, there's no tunnel vision here. Listen to audio
Allan J. Turoff, CFP,CPA Cherry Hill, NJ
We all know our own areas of expertise, but you can't be an expert in all subjects and topics—with a diversified membership you can turn to other professionals and call on their expertise through national online forums or at local Chapter events. Listen to audio
Michael G. O'Neill, CPA/PFS,CLU,ChFC Overland Park, KS
The relationships are valuable. With limited time and busy schedules, it's important to spend time where you find the most value—FSP is that place for me. Listen to audio
Laurene B. Prevette, RHU,LUTCF Charlotte, NC
The value is in the elite professionals working collaboratively in a generous and supportive way no matter your age, your gender or your background. FSP draws together the whole financial planning team and that's a win-win-win for all who belong. Listen to audio
George P Brown, CLU,ChFC Colmar, PA

Our Trust Company deals with all types of professionals, including Independent Registered Investment Advisors, Insurance Agents, Attorneys and Accountants. Of them all, the people we enjoy working with the most are those with CLU and ChFC designations, and especially members of the Society of FSP, who are dependable and highly qualified to work with the Connective Wealth Platform for business owners. They are accustomed to act as the quarterback of the team of seven or eight other advisors serving the business owner, and understand the long-term trusting relationship required.

Thomas G. Doncaster, CLU Kennewick, WA

Society of FSP delivers on the latest in financial services updates, concepts and estate planning. It is essential that we all stay current in our practice. FSP keeps me up to date and is always on the cutting edge when it comes to practice management.

Richard Grossmann, CLU Rochester, NY

FSP has given me an opportunity to rub shoulders with the "best in class" people in the many disciplines that serve the financial services industry. No other organization brings its people, resources and commitment to our industry like FSP.

Gayle Holcom, CLU, ChFC, MBA Tacoma, WA

Relationships have always been important in my professional life. I value the "team approach" to client service. While some practitioners put together their "team," I have the advantage of selecting an FSP team based on the client's needs and situations—I have several attorneys, financial planners and life insurance specialists that I know well through my Chapter and can put together the right team every time.

John E. Muth, JD, CLU, CFP Milwaukee, WI

My FSP membership helps me gain key knowledge to stay cutting edge on planning developments. It allows me to network with attorneys, CPAs, bankers and other financial advisors in Milwaukee. It helps me gain important CE and ethics credits for my designation. FSP IS GREAT.

Geoff Pfeiffer, CFP Greenwood, CO

I have the EDGE because I have a professional network that follows me everywhere. A network of other financial service professional comprised of attorneys, CPAs and those with credentials achieved by extended study leading to successful passing of rigorous exams. Membership in FSP gives me the Edge over those who were unwilling to take that path.

Leonard Weiner, JD, CPA, MBA Houston, TX

My FSP membership gives me the edge through great resources for information and ideas such as professional and timely education programs, pod casts, webinars, national discussion groups and the online professional library. My membership also gives me many opportunities to network and form relationships with other credentialed professional from difference disciplines, to talk and learn from others who have great experience.

Rolf Winch, CLU, ChFC Rockville, MD
In my 13 years as a member, I've developed relationships and friendships with professionals who have expertise in areas other than mine. And, as a financial planner, I rely on a team of experts to help answer questions for me, and to assist with putting together the plan for my clients. This is where my membership has provided HUGE DIVIDENDS. Whether it's asking a question on the e-discussion groups, doing research on our extensive website, or just picking up the phone or sending out an email, the resources I have access to are a tremendous benefit to my business!