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Membership Types and Costs

All members must pay applicable National and Chapter dues .


$360.00 National Dues
Professionals with the following designations or degrees are eligible for regular membership: AEP® CASL®, CEBS®, CIMA® CFA®, CFP®, ChFC®, CLF®, CLU®, CPA, CPC, CPCU®, CTFA, Enrolled Actuary, Graduate Degree in Financial Services (MS, MSFS, MSM, MBA, PhD), JD, REBC®, and RHU®. Regular members are entitled to all the rights and responsibilities of membership, including the right to vote and hold office in the Society and its chapters.


$2000 National Dues
Open to all who meet membership eligibility requirements. Includes national and local dues and select FSP national event registration and product fees, saving 50% off the cost of these benefits if purchased separately. (Note: does not include Chapter event fees.) For more information visit or contact Member Services at 800-392-6900 or at


$180.00 National Dues
Members who consider themselves retired AND (a) attained 65 yrs. of age and a minimum of 15 yrs. Membership; or (b) their attained age and yrs. of membership add up to 80 or greater. A person who is retired due to a total disability can apply for Disabled membership. Evidence must be submitted that he/she is receiving total disability benefits from a private carrier or Social Security. The requirement for a minimum of 15 years of membership is waived for disabled applicants. Retired members are not included in the Consumer Referral Service.


$180.00 National Dues
Professionals pursuing credentials/degrees meeting the eligibility requirements of Regular membership. Those individuals holding the FLMI, FSS or LUTCF credentials are also eligible for Associate membership. Associate members may not vote or hold office, nor may they advertise their membership. Note: Individuals cannot maintain Associate membership status if they are eligible for Regular membership.

Full-time Professor Membership

$180.00 National Dues
Full-time professors at accredited colleges and universities are eligible for this category. It is set at one-half Regular national dues.

Young Professional Membership

$270.00 National Dues
New members who are age 30 or younger meeting the requirements of regular membership can apply for this category. The Young Professional dues rate is for new members only and is available for the first two consecutive years of membership only and a one time basis. After the two-year consecutive period membership will be reclassified as a Regular Member.


$45.00 National Dues
Full time students in a degree program at an accredited college or university. National dues provide for Web benefits only.

* Restrictions apply

NOTE: Chapter dues are established for all categories of Members by the local Chapter's Board of Directors and can be found in the Chapter area of the web site. Eligible individuals who wish to apply must complete an application for membership and forward it to Society headquarters with the appropriate Chapter and National dues.

Special Membership Categories

Member Emeritus

A Regular member automatically qualifies for this category when they have been a Society member for 50 years or longer. They are given a lifetime membership and dues are waived.

Life and Honorary

In order to be recognized as a Life and Honorary member, the individual must satisfy one of the requirements for retired membership. It is usually reserved for those who have made significant contributions to the Society. A Chapter grants it to an outstanding member on a special occasion. All Life and Honorary membership applications must originate with the sponsoring Chapter board. Once granted Life and Honorary status, dues are waived for the remainder of the member's life.

Chapter procedure for Life and Honorary membership:

  1. Complete a Life and Honorary Application Form.
  2. Five (5) Chapter Officers and/or Directors must sign the application.
  3. The completed application should be submitted to headquarters by the Chapter with the current, one-time only fee of $700. (5X's National Retired member dues).
  4. Life and Honorary Membership is recognized by a special certificate signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Society and by the Chapter President. Certificates will be forwarded to the Chapter upon processing of the application for presentation to the Member so honored.